Working Holidays

Designed for these visa subclasses:

  • 417 Working Holiday
  • 462 Work and Holiday


Designed for these visa subclasses:

  • 600 Tourism
  • 601 Electronic Travel Authority
  • 651 eVisitor


An accident while working in Australia could ruin more than just your surfing plans

If you haven't got Overseas Visitor Health Cover then an ambulance ride or hospital treatment could do some serious damage to your bank balance.

Budget $0.00*

per week
for singles

Comprehensive Hospital cover Emergency Ambulance
* This price includes a $500 excess per calendar year. Choosing to have an excess will reduce your premium, and is an amount you will need to pay if you're admitted to hospital before health insurance benefits are payable. You can select a $0 excess when you join.

Budget is your best choice when you are travelling. It's our low cost cover for emergency situations.

About the 417 and 462 visas

A working holiday visa (such as the 417 and 462 visas) allows you to work and stay in Australia for up to 12 months. Both the 417 and 462 visas are available if you are under the age of 31 with no dependent children.

Although health insurance is not compulsory as part of your visa application, an unexpected trip to hospital when you're visiting Australia could be expensive if you don't have health cover.


If applying for a 600 series to visit Australia, our IMAN has the health cover to provide you with peace of mind

Ensuring you have your health covered in the case of an unexpected accident is essential for a happy and successful visit to a new country. IMAN Visitor Cover is designed to minimise your financial risk in the case of an emergency and to help you deal with the worry of unexpected medical bills, so you are free to enjoy your new experience in Australia.

Call us for a quote on our health cover designed for visitors on a 600 series visa.

About the 600 visa

A 600 series visa allows you to visit family and travel in Australia for up to 12 months. You won't be able to work in Australia on this visa type but if you're planning to travel for a holiday and to spend time with loved ones, a 600 series visa is ideal.

Health insurance is not compulsory as part of your 600 series visa application but if you're in Australia visiting family and friends, an unexpected trip to hospital could bring an expensive end to your trip.

Department of
Home Affairs
Meets working Visa requirements

If you decide to stay in Australia longer, we'll make it easy for you to switch to cover compliant with your new visa.

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