457 Visa Application

There are three key stages of the subclass 457 visa application (125K):

  • Step 1 – Employer applies to be a business sponsor
  • Step 2 – Employer nominates a vacant skilled position
  • Step 3 – Employee applies for a visa

The majority of individuals will only be concerned with step 3 after they have been successfully nominated for a position that can be filled by a 457 visa applicant. The cost of submitting a subclass 457 visa application is approximately $350. A nomination charge of $80 and a sponsorship charge of $420 are applicable to the employer. There may also be additional charges for a medical examination depending on the circumstances of the individual who is applying for the visa.

Evidence of Necessary Skills

To be suitable for a 457 visa, an applicant needs to be able to prove that they have the skills, qualifications and experience to be able to fulfil the job they have applied for. Proof of suitability could include a degree, certificates, references, CV or license. In addition, a skills assessment may be required (which is done by Trades Recognition Australia).

Proof Of Identify

To submit a subclass 457 visa application, the applicant must provide a list of documentation to prove their identity. Documents could include a birth certificate, identity card or passport.

English Language Proficiency

Applicants need to be able to show that they meet set English language proficiency requirements. For citizens from English speaking countries (such as the UK), this is not required and proof of nationality is enough evidence to meet this requirement.

Health and Character Requirements

The subclass 457 visa application may require a resident to have a health assessment depending on their country of residence or the regions they have lived in over the past five years. An applicant may also be required to have a health assessment in special circumstances such as pregnancy. The applicant must demonstrate that they have purchased health insurance in the form of a letter from a Department of Home Affairs approved health fund. IMAN Australian Health Plans provides a confirmation of health cover letter to applicants once they have completed the IMAN application process either over the phone or via the online application form.

Character Requirements

An individual needs to be able to demonstrate that they meet certain character requirements in their subclass 457 visa application. In order to complete this requirement, an individual needs to submit a form to meet the "penal clearance requirements" which focus on the applicant’s criminal history.