Switch to IMAN today

We understand the importance of receiving great value from your health cover. IMAN offers a range of quality products designed especially for working visitors. It’s easy to switch to IMAN from another Australian health insurer.

Three simple steps:

  1. Select an IMAN health cover that best suits your needs
  2. Apply online or call 1800 22 11 33
    Have your former Australian health insurer details handy as you will need to provide these when you apply
  3. Provide us with a Clearance Certificate from your previous Australian health fund
Switch to IMAN today

Things to keep in mind:

  • Your previous health cover must meet the Department of Home Affairs minimum working visa requirements
  • Join IMAN within 30 days and any waiting periods already served with your previous Australian insurer will be recognised
  • Waiting periods may apply for services that weren’t covered by your previous cover
  • Extras benefits paid by your previous health insurer will count towards your annual and lifetime maximums

Why make the switch to IMAN

  • All IMAN covers are compliant with the Department of Home Affairs requirements for the 457 visa
  • IMAN has a range of cover options for singles, couples or families
  • IMAN specialises in working visitor health cover so understands your health cover needs
  • IMAN provides cover to over 17,000 policyholders
  • IMAN is a proud subsidiary of nib holdings limited, one of Australia’s leading health insurers