Health Cover - How to Claim

Making a claim

To make a claim for medical expenses, please download a claim form, complete the form and post it to us together with your original invoices and original receipts. Some points to note:

  • Budget Visitor – claims for hospital Emergency Room treatment.
    If the treatment does not lead to an in-patient admission, the treatment must be certified by the treating doctor as a genuine emergency. Please provide this information with your claim.
  • Pharmacy receipts are required when claiming eligible pharmaceutical benefits.

The claim form contains a declaration regarding GST. It includes questions to enable us to determine if you or another party paying for your Plan, e.g. Sponsor/Employer, has an entitlement to claim part or all of the GST paid as an input tax credit.

Paying Providers

Most Medical Practitioners will require payment at the time of consultation. Chemists also require payment for all prescription medicines dispensed. Members on the Top Visitor Cover will be required to pay for obstetrics medical services before claiming from IMAN.

Hospital Claims

For hospital expenses claims, we can arrange payment directly to providers. Please request the receptionist or hospital admissions officer to call us on 1800 22 11 33 and provide details of the account.

Time Limits

Please note that benefits are only paid if the claim is made within 2 years of when you received the service or treatment, and if covered under the terms of you Plan. Claims will not be paid if your Plan is not financial. Plans are not financial if your premiums are in arrears. IMAN may cancel your Plan if it is more than 2 months in arrears.