Australian Immigration Visa

There are a range of different immigration visas to Australia which suit different reasons for entry into the country.

A valid Australian immigration visa allows you to have a holiday, vacation, long term or short term stay in the country. Different types of visas are required for different reasons for stay such as working, holiday, migration, visit or business. Visas for Australia are generally divided into a number of visa categories including a Skilled Migration Visa, Working Holiday Visa, Business Visa, Family Visa or Travel Visa. There are subcategories for some of the visa types, each holding different requirements and conditions.

The Department of Home Affairs is the contact point for all visa matters and Australian citizenship issues. Information and advice is available from all Department of Home Affairs offices and at the Department of Home Affairs website.

To visit

Temporary visitors need to apply for an immigration visa that covers the full period of their stay in Australia. Each type of visitor’s visa has special conditions so it is best to visit the Department of Home Affairs website for more information. The Electronic Travel Authority (known as ETA) system is available to passport holders from more than 30 countries through authorised travel agencies and airlines, and from most Australian diplomatic offices. An Electronic Travel Authority enables many short-term visitors to obtain authority to travel to Australia at the same time they book their travel arrangements.

To migrate

Migration to Australia generally happens in three ways:

  • Family migration – the applicant must have a relative in Australia to sponsor them;
  • Skilled migration – the applicant must have skills or special abilities that will contribute to the economy or other areas of Australian life; or
  • Refugee, Humanitarian, Special Humanitarian and Special Assistance