Benefits of IMAN Australian Health Plans

Subclass 457 visas granted on or after 14 September, 2009

All subclass 457 visa applicants will be required to satisfy the Department of Home Affairs condition 8501, requiring the visa holders to maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia. In support of your visa application, IMAN will provide you with a Certificate and the Department of Home Affairs approved template letter, confirming your membership, and how you will be paying for the costs of the Plan membership.

Subclass 457 visas granted before 14 September, 2009

Sponsors retain ultimate responsibility for the cost of treatment in a public hospital. Sponsoring a Temporary Resident on a 457 visa into Australia involves:

  1. Ensuring that the cost of return travel by a sponsored person is met
  2. Paying all medical or hospital expenses for a sponsored person arising from treatment administered in a public hospital (other than expenses that are met by health insurance or reciprocal health care arrangements. This undertaking continues until such expenses are paid

Employers/Sponsors can require sponsored employees to sign an agreement requiring the employee to maintain health insurance which is deemed acceptable to the employer/sponsor.

Benefit Limits

The Department of Home Affairs have set a health benefit limit for complying Overseas Visitor Health Policies, which must not be less than $1 million dollars, per person per annum. The total payable per person, per annum on all IMAN Plans, is $A1 million dollars.

Online Applications

Applications for membership can be made online. You can apply from overseas, and then commence your membership once you arrive in Australia. A fast efficient and simple way of dealing with IMAN. All paperwork required by the Department of Home Affairs to meet your visa application requirements will be provided.

Ambulance Cover throughout Australia, Funeral Expenses & Medical repatriation to your home country

IMAN Plans include Ambulance Cover in Australia and Funeral Expenses. We also cover the cost of returning your body or ashes to your home country, and provide medical escorts if our Members need to be medically repatriated to their home country.

Dependent children under 25 years of age are included under your family Plan

Dependent children include any natural, step, foster or adopted child under the age of 25, living at home and studying full time at an approved school, college or university. This definition of dependant is different to that used in your Australian Visa application.

Refund of prepaid costs upon cancellation or termination

Once you become a financial member of IMAN Australian Health Plans, should you then choose to cancel your plan any premium you have paid in advance will be refunded to you.

Credit for time overseas on business or holiday

IMAN will give a "Credit for Time Away" when you are overseas. You can be out of the country for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 10 weeks to apply for a "Credit for Time Away". Application must be made in advance of travel and all family members must be travelling together to qualify. We will then adjust your payments accordingly. For any periods in excess of 10 weeks, your membership will be cancelled.

Transfer to nib on obtaining Permanent Residency

The granting of permanent residency means that you are no longer a temporary resident or visitor to Australia, and therefore you are not entitled to continue your IMAN membership.

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If you join nib within 30 days of cancellation of your IMAN membership

  • continuity of cover will be recognised (where applicable)
  • comparable waiting periods already served will be recognised
  • nib will offer you a special discount on your premium