Mid Visitor Cover

Designed for active people who want a
high-level of cover for hospital, doctors
visits and Extras such as physio.

Department of
Home Affairs
Meets working Visa requirements
Visa Certificate within
48 hours of approval
Physio &

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Starting from was
1 2 3+
We pay for 100% of the cost

Private & Public
Hospital cover

Covers you for 100% of your hospital accommodation and treatments when admitted to hospital.

No Hospital Excess Waiting periods
We pay 100% of the cost for:
Accidental Injury
Gynaecological Services
Appendix (Removal)
Heart Procedures
Back Surgery
Hernia Repair
Brain Surgery
Joint Investigations
Cancer Treatment
Joint Reconstructions
Eye treatments
Renal Dialysis
Tonsils Removal
These are just some examples.
We also cover everything that Medicare covers.
We pay lower benefits for:
Gastric banding
Palliative care
Psychiatric treatment
We don't pay for:
Assisted reproductive
Organ transplants
Bone marrow
Psychology Treatment
We don't pay for treatments not covered by Medicare.

Out of Hospital services

Doctors (GP)

A General Practitioner (GP) is a doctor whose practice is not oriented to a specific medical specialty but instead covers a variety of day-to-day health needs for patients. Also called a family doctor.


Visits to a specialist, radiology or pathology. Generally a referral from a General Practitioner is required to visit a specialist.

Extras cover

Extras are the services that help you
stay fit and healthy.

Claim back 100% of the cost
Service Waiting period Annual limit
Prescription medicine 2 months
Physiotherapy 2 months
Chiropractical 2 months
Osteopathy 2 months
Artificial Aids No waiting period
(ask IMAN for a list of specific inclusions, restrictions and replacements)
Did you know?

Australia's public health system doesn't cover you when you visit a dentist.

To be covered for dental choose Top cover.